Harbor Docking & Towing (HDT) has been providing harbor towage services in Lake Charles, LA since 1955 and Point Comfort, TX since 1986 and has used that long history to become a stalwart in the area economy.

HDT has formed close partnerships with the Harbor Pilots Associations, the Port Authority, as well as our diverse domestic and international customer base. We continue to play a low profile, but vital role in the machinery of global trade that bolsters our nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).

History & Experience

HDT is a privately held, family-oriented company, focusing on long-term development and providing the best ship-assist in the market. Our captains have decades of experience aboard harbor-tugs. In fact, most of them started in entry-level positions as deckhands and worked their way into the wheelhouse. Our engineers bring extensive experience and technological knowledge with, in many cases, 10 to 20 years of company service. Our employees are committed to safe and cost-effective operations, as well as vessel maintenance, crew training, and environmental stewardship. Most of our employees are avid outdoorsmen who spend their leisure time enjoying Louisiana’s natural landscape. As members of the local community, we are deeply committed to community success and preservation of natural resources.

HDT provides vital harbor docking and ship assist services in the port of Lake Charles, LA and all along the Calcasieu Shipping Channel in southwest Louisiana as well as the port of Point Comfort, TX. According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, this waterway is the 7th busiest in the nation by tonnage and acts as a primary transshipment corridor for energy, chemicals, raw materials, finished manufacturing products and construction components.